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The Bible and Money


The Bible and Money: Managing one's money in the end times

Bible and MoneyFollowing the Jubilee Centre's Cambridge Papers Open Day in May, an eight-work course on what the Bible has to say about our use of money today, developed by Paul Mills, who gave the plenary presentation on the global economic crisis at our Open Day is now available. In eight immensely practical lessons, the course looks at possessions, stewardship, giving, borrowing and lending, saving and insurance, investments and gambling, tax and pensions, and church finances. 'The Bible and Money: Managing one's money in the end times' explores questions such as 'Should I default on debt payments to tithe?', 'Should the local church ever borrow to fund missions, buy property or pay staff?' and 'How do the most widely available forms of savings and investment match up to biblical principles?' 

'As well as having a charity fund, why hasn't your church got an interest-free loan fund?' international economist Dr Paul Mills challenged participants at the Cambridge Papers Open Day in May. Speaking in a strictly personal capacity at the Jubilee Centre conference, Dr Mills offered a positive and uniquely Christian contribution to the current debate in which policy makers, bankers, and concerned citizens alike are all looking for a new model of finance. However, he fears that when the immediate Paul Millscrisis passes, vested interests will reassert themselves, preventing the necessary reforms that could prevent the debt-driven cycle of 'boom and bust' again in the future.

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