Don't be a Stranger
Major David Blowers and Major Kathryn Blowers (c) Dawie Verwey


"Don't be a stranger." Many of us say this affectionately to our families and friends when we part company with them after spending time together.

But Jesus doesn't ask us just to love those we know well or naturally spend most of our time with – instead, he challenges us to re-evaluate who our neighbours are and to welcome those we consider to be strangers.

Migration is one of the biggest media and political issues facing Britain today, and in this time of economic uncertainty the tensions surrounding the issue are likely to become even more apparent.

The Evangelical Alliance's Don't be a Stranger campaign aims to remind us, and the nation, of the Judeo-Christian injunction to help the stranger.

We are deliberately not commenting on the rights and wrongs of border control and immigration policy, but are focusing on the way we treat migrants once they are in the country. 

The campaign showcases stories from migrants who have come to the UK and the churches working with them, as well as resources for people who want to find out how they can do more to help.  

Don't Be a Stranger was launched at the Evangelical Alliance's flagship event, Temple Address 2008

We hope these stories will inspire you into action. A great first step is to try and get to know if migrants live in your area and invite them into your home for a meal and extend friendship to them. Take the opportunity to show hospitality to your migrant neighbours and help them feel more at home in this country.  

Download the Don't be a Stranger booklet in pdf format.

We are on the lookout for your stories, ideas and insights, and would also like to use this website to highlight your events relating to issues around migration. If you have moved to the UK send us your story, or if your church or organisation is serving the migrant community tell us about your resources or is hosting an event that you would like us to feature, please inform us of the event details.