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Is the Church in the UK as confident in the gospel as it should be?

It appears that while mission is clearly at the heart of what many churches are doing, talking about our faith as Christians is proving increasingly difficult.

Our desire is to see churches throughout the UK have a renewed confidence in the gospel and engaged in creative evangelism which is producing lasting results. This timely campaign is not about providing busy churches with more programmes; rather it is about looking at how we can make small changes that will nurture a gospel-confident culture within our churches.

The next two years will see us travelling the length and breadth of the UK visiting places where effective evangelism is taking place – we'll then tell you all about them, so we can all be encouraged and learn. We will be gathering thinkers and practitioners from across the evangelical spectrum to reflect critically on the gospel and its relationship with our culture. And we will be gathering a small group of churches together, to form a learning community, which will explore what steps can be taken to develop a culture of evangelism.

To engage with the Confidence in the Gospel initiative, keep your eyes on this section of our website. It will include a growing number of videos, including discussion questions, which will be ideal to raise these timely issues with small groups and church leadership teams.

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