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Broughton Community Church

What do you do when inviting guests to special events and services is no longer the norm?

Denomination: Church of England

Context: Suburban - Broughton is a neighbourhood of Aylesbury

How they describe themselves: “If you want an informal friendly, Bible-based church, with a flavour of the Church of England, then Broughton Community Church is for you!”

Size: 40 adults, 15 children and young people


Confident culture

People had become used to us rarely seeing any visitors coming to our church. The congregation’s response to this wasn't to start inviting people. The opposite happened – inviting guests was no longer the norm. So we have taken steps to help people invite their friends. We've produced credit-card sized information cards which people are giving out. We've also created a new website so people can find out more about us before coming along. There's a feeling in the air that things are changing. We're seeing new faces each week now and the church has increased in size by about 20 per cent in the past year.

Confident leadership

We didn't have a clear vision, or a clear plan on how we could head toward that vision. A change in our leadership structure was required because there just wasn't the capacity to talk about vision and strategy in a monthly PCC meeting with 11 people. We have now introduced a new leadership team, which will meet fortnightly, and will focus solely on vision and strategy. This team will report to the PCC – who will now only meet four times a year.