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Hoddesdon Baptist Church

What do you do when people have no confidence that God will work through their church?

Denomination: Baptist

Context: Hoddesdon is a small town in Hertfordshire, a few miles north of London

How they describe themselves: "We are a group of ordinary people, who are learning to love and trust one another as we explore what it means to live out the Christian life in the 21st century."

Size: 70 adults, 20 children and young people


Confident culture

We lacked a clear shared vision, or indeed any concrete hopes for the future. There was little confidence that God would do much through us. To change this, we invited the congregation to imagine what the future could look like. We then took this and created an action plan, which has helped us focus and move forward together. However, it hasn't just been about the big plans, it’s also been about increasing confidence in everyday life. We've encouraged people to share stories of the small steps of faith they have taken and how they have seen God work. Gradually we are growing in confidence that God can work through us!

Confident leadership

Linked to our lack of a uniting vision, over recent years the church has been pulling in slightly different directions. There haven't been major differences, but we recognised that despite the subtleties of these differences, they were significant. To address this we are identifying core team leaders who we believe can become vision sharers - those who are able to represent their teams to the church meeting and embody the vision of the church in their teams. The aim is to bring about unity based on shared vision, not on centralised control.