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Evangelism's all about a heart for God and a heart for people. As people whose lives have been changed by Jesus, we all have a story to share. But sometimes we can struggle to find the words to talk about what Jesus has done.

And while the UK Church has become known and praised for its amazing social engagement, churches are telling us that they find it hard to take the next step and share their faith with those they've got to know in their communities.

Now is the time to build on this foundation of social action, and inspire and resource the Church in evangelism.

And that's why the Evangelical Alliance is hard at work on a new website hub – the Great Commission – to equip the UK Church to communicate the gospel clearly, confidently and powerfully to those who don't yet know Jesus – and see people come to faith.

The Great Commission website, launching this autumn, will equip and inspire the UK Church through:

  • Sharing inspiring stories of lives transformed by Jesus throughout the UK
  • Signposting to a wide range of evangelistic initiatives, tools, resources and stories
  • Telling stories of how individuals and church communities in the UK are talking about Jesus, and what they've learnt along the way
  • Encouraging us all to be praying more for those who don't yet know Jesus.

The Great Commission website is all about inspiring a passion for evangelism in our communities – empowering each one of us, and our churches, to be talking about Jesus and praying for those who don't know him yet.

We want to help restore confidence that the gospel still works in the UK today. Our heart is to see people across the UK find meaning, peace and purpose – in this life and the next – through becoming disciples of Jesus. 

Be the first to hear when the Great Commission site launches – visit greatcommission.co.uk today and sign up to receive updates. 


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