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01 September 2016

Pray with us - EA Sunday

Pray with us - EA Sunday

Our director of prayer Fred Drummond has written two prayers to celebrate the Alliance's 170th anniversary - one for general church use and one for children.


170 years and still travelling

Gracious God, we thank you for who you are.

God of grace and mercy

Lord of compassion and faithfulness.

Gracious God we thank you that you are unity.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit relating in truth, love and unity.

United in purpose and compassion

Triune God dancing in love and holiness.

Gracious God we thank you that you have called us to be a united people on earth.

You call us to forgive, respect, and to seek peace.

You call us to be a foretaste of what is to come;

When people of every tribe, tongue and nation will be united in adoration of Jesus.

Together, lost in wonder, captured by a tearless vision of beauty and grace in the face of Jesus.

Gracious God, it is when we seek unity in Jesus that the world will believe that the Father sent the Son.

Lord, we thank you for the work of the Evangelical Alliance.

We thank you for all who has sought unity in the body of Christ

We thank you for every supporter and staff member, each one praying, working, sharing,

To see your kingdom come.

Thank you for your faithfulness over 170 years.

Lord, there are always challenges to unity

Forgive us Lord when we have looked down on others

Forgive us Lord when we have wanted our way at the cost of others

Forgive us Lord if we have talked badly of others

Lord make us quick to encourage others

Lord give us grace and understanding

Lord help us always to seek the peace of the body

And to glorify you.

Lord we pray for the future of the Evangelical Alliance

Grant confidence in the gospel

A desire for your glory

A passion for your name

And the love of Christ in all things

In Jesus name




The kids' prayer: 170 years and still counting

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for your love.

Thank you that your love is special

And makes us all special.

Thank you for the Church you made.

People from all parts of the world

Who speak all languages

From all generations

Thank you that you love unity

Thank you that you bring us together

To love and care for each other in your name

Thank you for the Evangelical Alliance

For 170 years of bringing unity to the church

Please bless it as it tries to encourage, support and unite your Church.

Lord Jesus may your Church

Be known as caring, loving and worshipful.

Thank you Jesus



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