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Serve: Bringing church and community together. For good.

ServeUp and down the country, from urban to rural communities, from villages to inner cities, Christians are passionate about transforming where they are in service to their neighbours.

Something in us stirs when we see a need in our areas. From providing debt advice, to drug counselling, to mental health services and mums and toddlers groups, we long for the wellbeing of those who live around us.

It is also the Alliance's mission to follow Jesus and serve the Church – working together to see our lives and communities changed.

That's why we've launched Serve, a group of Christian organisations committed to supporting churches who are fired up by mission, as they make it happen in their communities.

Serve resources, encourages good ideas and represents churches to government and the media, as well as uses stories to inspire action.

Key groups involved include Tearfund, HOPE, Care, Prospects, the Ascension Trust, Birmingham Christian Centre and TLG (The Lighthouse Group).

David Westlake, director of Serve, said: "Serve exists to see evangelism, mission and discipleship collide in local churches everywhere, meeting the needs of the whole person. We don't just want churches to be renowned for being compassionate – but for being utterly brilliant at turning that compassion into action.

"We hope that Serve will help churches to connect with Christian organisations and become beacons of professionalism and best practice wherever they exist."

Whatever the need is on your community, Serve aims to help you meet it.

It aims to facilitate community transformation by getting people who are passionate about integral mission together – to network, share best practice and partner together. 

Visit www.serveuk.org for more information.