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07 August 2015

Harvest resources for churches

Harvest resources for churches

Are you looking for inspiration for harvest themed services or activities? Here are some ideas that you might find useful.

HOPE have produced a book for harvest that includes articles, bible studies, mission ideas, ideas for services and celebrations. 

Samaritans Purse have produced a pack of resources for churches that will enable you to feature the Raising Families appeal in a specially themed harvest event.

Tearfund are linking their harvest resources for 2015 to their No Child Taken programme.

Stewardship have produced a video that you could use during your harvest services. 

Embrace the Middle east have a harvest pack that focuses for 2015 on their Olive Tree Project. The pack includes free service plans, childrens activities, hymn suggestions etc.

Church Urban Fund have produced resources on the theme of Share your Harvest for 2015.

Glasgow City Mission have produced resources to encourge people to celebrate God's provision by sharing a meal with others.

Traidcraft have resources that allow churches to introduce the theme of fair trade into their services and special harvest events. 

Send a Cow Have a harvest resources for 2015 under the theme Harvest for Life. 

MRDF are focussing on the needs of people in Ethiopia for their 2015 resources.

Barnabas in Churches have a large range of resources for harvest themed children's and all age services and activities. 

Creation Time 2015 runs from 1 September to 4 October, you can get resources from CTBI to use during the month or just for your harvest festival events.

Christian Aid are focussing on the story of the women who farm in one of the driest places on earth, Dogon Plateau, Mali.

Water Aid’s 2015 Harvest resources feature the need for clean water in Morarano, Madagasgar.

CPO have a range of Harvest themed publicity and promotional materials.

Why not also have a look in your local Christian bookshop to see what resources they have that feature harvest themed ideas? Here are some suggestions that you could look for:

  • Creative Ideas for All-Age Church by Karen Bulley ISBN 9781841016634
  • Story Assemblies for the School Year - Volume 2, by Edward Carter and Jo Fageant ISBN      9780857460592
  • Story Box Bible Tales by Eve Lockett ISBN 9781841018102
  • The Word for all Seasons by David Graham ISBN 9781853114892
  • Assemblies for Autumn Festivals by Martin Cox ISBN 978-1841014593

The resources listed on this page are not intended to be a comprehensive listing if you think we are missing any excellent resource please let us know info@eauk.org

This list is provided for information only and does not constitute recommendation of a particular resource by the Evangelical Alliance.