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Our latest research report explores whether evangelicals really love their neighbours. 

Read the full report – Are we good neighbours?

Are we good neighbours?

We've found some remarkable illustrations of churches and individuals proactively building relationships in local communities and supporting people in their own neighbourhoods and further afield. But others admit they struggle to find time to relate with their neighbours and regret not helping someone they saw in need. One person told us: "In completing these answers I have learned how isolated I am and need to get to know my neighbours."

Our research is designed to spark conversations and ideas in your church. See page five of the report for suggested ways your church can encourage neighbourliness.

To help churches and small groups take a deeper look at some of the issues we've produced some resources, including discussion questions, a Powerpoint presentation and summary of the key findings (from pages 4-5 of the report).

upcoming research

Our politics report is due out on 19 February 2015, and our report on poverty in the summer of 2015. Our next survey will be available here in February.


Looking for the most up-to-date statistics and information on what evangelical Christians really think and do? Then the 21st Century Evangelicals research series – an ongoing study into the beliefs, habits and practices of evangelical Christians in the UK – is for you.

Some of the questions explored by the series include: What is a typical evangelical Christian? What contributions do they make to society? What do they believe? What is distinctive about their lifestyle? What opinions do they hold about the most pressing issues of the day?

Up to 1,800 evangelicals have taken our regular surveys on relevant issues ranging from work and education to church life and evangelism. We have used the findings to produce handy A5-sized reports which are perfect for discussion in small groups. Discussion questions are available for each report and PowerPoint presentations can also be downloaded online

The findings are sparking conversations and ideas in churches across the UK, helping them make more effective plans for mission and ministry today. Further down the page you can view a full list of our research reports. 

January 2011 saw the launch of 21st Century Evangelicals - a groundbreaking survey of more than 17,000 respondents. But this was just the beginning - a snapshot. From this snapshot, we are now working to produce a moving picture. Here are links to all the research reports in the series:

Read more about our upcoming plans on our What's next? page.


John Glass, general superintendent of Elim Pentecostal Churches, recommends the research: "Once again, through precise analysis and helpful insight, the Evangelical Alliance has provided us with a reliable lens through which we can better understand the context in which we seek to serve – and so enabling us to focus with clarity on issues we should prioritise."

Network Church St Albans have used the reports for prayer and discussion, as Louise Chick explains: "These are such fantastic little booklets, jam-packed with fascinating and thought provoking information. We have encouraged our cell groups to use them for prayer and discussion and made a copy available for each church member, along with the discussion-starter questions."


Our research panel is so important to us, and we are always looking for more people to get involved and take part in this important research. We would love you to join the panel by filling in the 'Join the Panel' form on the right-hand-side.


We aren't doing this research alone; all our surveys and reports are designed and published in collaboration with our Research Club partners. These partner organisations are Christians Against Poverty, MAF and Prospects.