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10 September 2010

Christian Research study finds church attendance “no longer in decline”

It's been a widely-held belief for a number of years in the UK that church attendance is descending so rapidly that churchgoers will make up a tiny minority of the population in the not-so-distant future. Could the doomsayers have been wrong?

This week, Christian Research, who publish the widely-respected Religious Trends survey, announced that church attendance in the UK is no longer in decline. This is according to their most recent findings in updating the Religious Trends survey and is a change from the previous findings which went up to 2005 and showed numbers of church attendance decreasing.

The survey found that Church of England attendance has held steady for the past decade (not including Fresh Expressions), the Catholic Church has held steady for the past five years, and Baptist Union attendance has actually been growing.

Benita Hewitt, Director of Christian Research, said, "This news should help to reposition church within the minds of Christians, churches and the rest of society - it's no longer a dying institution but a living movement."

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