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12 January 2011

Launch of '21st Century Evangelicals in the UK: a snapshot'

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The Evangelical Alliance has this week launched the results of groundbreaking research into the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of evangelical Christians in the UK.

Dubbed 21st Century Evangelicals, the survey is made up of responses from more than 17,000 people who completed questionnaires at Christian festivals throughout 2010.

The questionnaire was also completed at 35 randomly-selected Evangelical Alliance member churches.

It throws up some interesting results, reflecting the diverse views evangelical Christians have on a range of topics, including the environment, volunteering, miracles, prayer, giving, women in leadership and evolution.

Representatives from evangelical organisations around the country attended a special event at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity on Tuesday (11 January) for the unveiling of the report, which was compiled by the Evangelical Alliance together with Christian Research.

Presenting the information, the Alliance's research manager Phil Green, said: "It reveals that while there are many beliefs and practices that connect evangelicals, there is considerable diversity. 

"There is much in this report that will encourage, but there are also challenges. We will be conducting further research, looking at some of the issues in more depth, throughout 2011."

The survey aims to provide churches and Christian organisations with the type of data that will help them better understand and work with the communities they serve.

Steve Clifford, general director of the Evangelical Alliance, said: "This research helps us speak with greater confidence about or evangelical community, the things that are important to us and the significant contribution that we are making to the community around us.

"By presenting an accurate picture of evangelicals today, we can be much better equipped to make effective plans for tomorrow."

Visit www.eauk.org/snapshot to view the results.