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What is an evangelical?

What is an evangelical?

We're evangelical. We're passionate: about God, about the Church and about the Bible.

We're evangelical. We've decided to live our lives with Jesus –the saviour of the world and son of God –at the centre.

We're evangelical. We humbly and lovingly believe that the best thing for our families, friends, neighbours, nation and world is that they live their lives with Jesus too.

We're evangelical. We believe that God is with us and empowers us by His Spirit.

We're evangelical. We love the Bible. It bears witness to God's revelation in Jesus Christ. It invites us into the story of God and the world. It guides us in how we live our lives and has so much to say about what it is to be human and how we should do life together: with God and with each other.

We're evangelical. So we just can't keep quiet about it.

We're evangelical.

Over the years, there have been many attempts to come up with a definition of what ‘evangelicalism’ is. Various different Christian movements fall within the ‘evangelical’ family. But what characterises us is a passion for the good news of Jesus Christ, which we call the ‘gospel’. The term evangelical itself comes from the Greek ‘euangelion’ which was used by the New Testament writers to speak of ‘glad tidings’ and ‘good news’.

We believe that Jesus Christ and his dying on the cross for our sins is good news for all society, and that everyone can enter into relationship with him if they turn away from their sin and devote their lives to him. We also believe that the Bible is our ultimate authority and governs the way we live our lives and act in our world. Spurred on by a desire to bring good news to our communities, we are passionate about bringing about change for the good and so social action forms a central part of how we live as Christians locally, nationally and globally.

For more detail on what evangelicalism means, read this paper from our former head of theology.