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What is a typical evangelical Christian? What contributions do they make to society? What do they believe? How do they respond to some of the most pressing issues of the day?

These are just some of the questions we're exploring in our 21st Century Evangelicals research.

21st Century Evangelicals is an ongoing study into the beliefs, habits and practices of evangelical Christians in the UK. Around 1,800 people take our regular surveys on relevant issues, ranging from work to education, church life to poverty.

With your help, this research can spark conversations, ideas and initiatives in your church and thousands of others, as church leaders better understand and engage with their congregations. Your support could help churches and small groups take a deeper look at some of the issues facing evangelicals, by funding these key resources, such as the key findings published in idea magazine, discussion questions and Powerpoint presentations.

Could you give as little as £3 a month to help bust the myths of what evangelicals look like and equip ministry leaders with an all-round portrait of the UK Church?

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