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It's a fact of life that media, business, politics and all of culture are most strongly influenced by leaders.

We should not be surprised, then, when a lack of Christians in leadership positions results in our voice going unheard.

The Evangelical Alliance's Public Leadership programme addresses this problem. We want to encourage and equip individuals to take on leadership in public life. We want to ensure that Christian leaders are speaking into every area of local and national life in the UK; restoring honesty and integrity, providing vision, and calling for justice.

Often, Christians confuse ambition with pride, or choose instead to automatically step into leadership positions in the Church or Christian organisations. Public Leadership is determined to raise up those who will become effective right across society – demonstrating and receiving more and more of God's Kingdom.

Over the years ahead we aim to see a culture of Public Leadership develop in the UK church.

Our programme will offer training days and events to motivate and encourage new generations of leaders. We will produce a wealth of resources, and share the inspirational stories of evangelical Christians who are already in Public Leadership roles.

Be a part of this vital and exciting move to change our society. Even £3 a month makes a huge difference.

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