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Keep your finger on the pulse. Find reviews on the latest film, book and music releases and get help on how to start conversations with your friends on all the issues our popular culture raises.

Use these pages to find out what you need to know about the arts and entertainment world and explore what most people are into in our special statistics section.  We have carried out a range of surveys and research into Christian trends – so whatever you need to know about, we probably have the data to help.

The Friday Night Theology email is edited by our Forum for Change Co-ordinator Marijke Hoek. With a different writer each week making a connection between theology and what's in the news, this is a must for being better equipped to start important conversations. Marijke also produces Culture Footprint, a bi-weekly email which showcases individuals seeking the wellbeing of society through their professions – one story at a time.

Popular culture in Britain is diverse, dynamic, exciting and sometimes troubling. It affects family life, relationships and identity. The Alliance runs Forum for Change to address both the positive and negative aspects of cultural life in the UK and has groups looking at the arts, business, education, media, politics and sport to see where Christians can make a positive and effective contribution.