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Every month, we are approached for interviews and to provide comment in the local and national media, as well as Christian press, on a wide variety of subjects - sometimes in response to our press releases. Often we recommend member organisations for these media opportunities if we are not the experts in that particular field. We have represented our members on radio and television programmes such as Question Time, Big Questions, Newsnight, TalkSport, Songs of Praise, BBC Radio 4, Radio Five Live, Premier Radio, Channel 4 News and regional BBC Sunday radio programmes. Here we bring you some of the highlights of our media appearances and where possible include audio links for you to listen to the programmes again.

17 May 2015 BBC Radio Berkshire, Evangelical Alliance withdraws support from Baptist minister Steve Chalke’s Oasis Movement 17 May 2015 The Telegraph, Scots May Be Leaving The UK If David Cameron Keeps Ignoring Nicola Sturgeon Request For More Power 17 May 2015 BBC Radio Kent, Is the gap between churches and popular culture getting wider apart? 17 May 2015 Voice-Online, Will The Tories Deliver on its pre-election pledges to the Black Community? 16 May 2015 People's Panel poll, Sunday People readers ­defends the institution of ­marriage. 14 May 2015 Premier Christian Radio, Movies with unexpected biblical themes 13 May 2015 Premier Christian Radio, What does the Bible say about the heart? 12 May 2015 Premier Christian Radio, Divine Appointments with special guest Madeleine Kerzner associate pastor of Kingdom Worship Movement. 11 May 2015 Premier Christian Radio, What makes a good leader? 28 April 2015 Pink News, Ed Miliband Supports Humanist Wedding and Transgender Children 28 April 2015 theguardian, Russel Brand May Endorse Ed Miliband 28 April 2015 theguardian, Five Years of Austerity Leave UK Families at the End of Poverty Line 28 April 2015 MailOnline, Teenagers Are Prone To Suffer Health Issues After Parents Divorce 28 April 2015 BBC News, Norther Ireland Assembly Voted Against Same Sex Marriage 19 March 2015 The Baptist Times, Evangelicals concerns In Politics Differs From The Issues That Concerns The General Public 17 March 2015 Inspire Magazine, 21st Century Evangelicals: Identity and Myths Explored In The New Book 16 March 2015 Evangelicals Now, Make Religious Freedom A Strategic Priority 13 March 2015 Belfast Telegraph, Christians fear declaring their beliefs at work could lead to discrimination 08 March 2015 The Voice, Etnic Minority Leaders Releases Their First Political Manifesto 07 March 2015 Christian Today, Are Those In Authorities Ignoring Violence Against Women? 03 March 2015 Montrose Review, Extend Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill to Criminalise the Purchase of Sexual Services in Scotland. 03 March 2015 Evening Express, Abolition Scotland Hot Debate on Human Trafficking Legislation 02 March 2015 Scottish Christian, Baptists Should Be A Part of The Alliance, We're Better Together 02 March 2015 Financial Post, Changes to Legal Aid cuts access to justice for those who cannot afford it. 02 March 2015 Kingdom FM, Anti-trafficking Charities Says Human Trafficking Bill Should Tackle the Issue of Modern Day Slavery. 02 March 2015 The Telegraph, Christian Leaders Appeal to The Government:: Eradicate Modern Slavery 27 February 2015 Archbishop Cranmer, Evangelical Christians’ on politics and their likely voting intentions