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Every month, we are approached for interviews and to provide comment in the local and national media, as well as Christian press, on a wide variety of subjects - sometimes in response to our press releases. Often we recommend member organisations for these media opportunities if we are not the experts in that particular field. We have represented our members on radio and television programmes such as Question Time, Big Questions, Newsnight, TalkSport, Songs of Praise, BBC Radio 4, Radio Five Live, Premier Radio, Channel 4 News and regional BBC Sunday radio programmes. Here we bring you some of the highlights of our media appearances and where possible include audio links for you to listen to the programmes again.

01 June 2015 BBC NEWS, Modern Day Oliver Twist Child Abuse and Slavery Must Be Tackled In The UK 01 June 2015 Christian Today, Did Our Theology Affect Our Vote? I Voted Conservative. 01 June 2015 Christian Today, UK Evangelicals on Poverty: Coalition Economic Policy Should Support The Poor Not Hurt Them Anymore Than It Already Has... 31 May 2015 Telegraph, Michael Gove and Theresa May Disagrees with David Cameron Over Human Right Acts 31 May 2015 Baptist Times, New Government Must Do More For The Poor 31 May 2015 Premier Christianity, Churches Should Tackle Poverty In Their Communities 31 May 2015 Christian Today, How Christians Can Tackle Poverty in Britain 28 May 2015 Ib Times, New Anti-Extremism Bill to Tackle Violent Islamic Extremism May Backfire 28 May 2015 The Guardian, Parents Fury Over Radicalisation Survey Taken At Schools Without Parental Knowledge 28 May 2015 The Courier, Assisted Suicide Campaigners Vowed To Fight On After MSPs Voted Against the Legislation 27 May 2015 News Letter, Ashers Bakery Is To Blame For Losing Gay Cake Battle in Court says Ivan Foster 26 May 2015 Herald Scotland, MSPs to Consider the Assisted Suicide Bill Backing 25 May 2015 BBC NEWS, Israel Should Correct The Way It Treats The Ethiopian Jews In Israel 25 May 2015 Independent Cathic News, Justice For Christian Couple Murdered In Pakistan For Blasphemy 25 May 2015 Christian Today, People Should See Christian Bands As God's Instrument Rather Than Worship Them says Stephen Need be 25 May 2015 Christian Today, Preachers Must Stop These Bad Habits On The Pulpit 25 May 2015 Christian Today, Christians Should Engage With Outsiders But Stay Distinctive 25 May 2015 Christian Today, Experience The Incredible Christian Resource Centre Exhibition 25 May 2015 Mirror, Atheist Mum Compares Atheism As Being Raised With Religion 25 May 2015 BBC NEWS, Is The UK Losing Its Founding Faith? 25 May 2015 Belfast Telegraph, Churches Will Not Be Made Available For Gay Couples to Marry; Archbishop of Dublin 25 May 2015 Belfast Telegraph, New Ireland is Born Over Gay Marriage Referendum 25 May 2015 Daily Mail, 139 Graves Found in Malaysia Human Trafficking Camps 25 May 2015 the guardian, How the Tories scooped up so many ballots from the ethnic minority 24 May 2015 the guardian, Northern Ireland Politicians Under Pressure on Equal Marriage Rights 24 May 2015 Christian Today, Catholic churche Must Take A Reality Check and Reconnect With Young People 24 May 2015 The Telegraph, Same-Sex Marriage Support Increases 24 May 2015 News Letter, Public Opinion: Northern Ireland Voted in Favour of Same-sex Marriage 22 May 2015 BBC RADIO, Kris Nixon Backs The Anti Ashers Campaign 22 May 2015 The Christian Institute, Christian Bakers USA encouraged Ashers Baking Company to 'Stand Up For Truth' 22 May 2015 the guardian, Church of England to Consider Transgender Baptism 22 May 2015 BBC NEWS, David Cameron 'Confident' of Change on Eu Treaties 22 May 2015 BBC NEWS, Conservative Free School Plans Launched 22 May 2015 the guardian, English drinking underestimation could have important implications for public health 22 May 2015 The Times, Mirror Faces Millions of Pay-Out to Victims of Phone-Hacking 22 May 2015 The Telegraph, Michael Gove' s Adoption reforms losing to Adoption Alternatives 22 May 2015 the guardian, Stop the rise in children's poverty 22 May 2015 Christian Today, House of Cards, Neville Chamberlain and the Rwandan Genocide:is it time we urgently reconsider what church unity should look like? asks Nicky Gumbel 21 May 2015 Portsmouth News, Church Offers Free Course To Fight Bad Habits 21 May 2015 Premier, Christians Urges the UN to Intervene In Burma 21 May 2015 Christian Today, Pray For The Supreme Court Justice Ahead of Gay Marriage Debate; Franklin Graham Urges 21 May 2015 Daily Mail, Brave Vicar Informs Congregation She Has HIV After An Attack 21 May 2015 Christian Today, Church of England Celebrates Key Posts in The New Parliament 21 May 2015 Premier, Christian NO says It is Illiberal to Have A State Church 21 May 2015 The Telegraph, Faith Groups Are Filling Huge Gap Left By The State, says The Archbishop of Canterbury 21 May 2015 BBC NEWS, SNP Secures Commons Debate on 'Safety at HM Naval Base Clyde' 21 May 2015 BBC NEWS, Memorable Quotes: Ireland's historic referendum on same-sex marriage. 20 May 2015 Anglican News, Anglican Mission Pleas for Government to Consider Safety and Role of Merchant Seafarers 20 May 2015 Independent, Irish Living in the UK Flocked Back Home To Vote For Same-sex Marriage 20 May 2015 Independent, Is Ireland Ready Toegalise Same-sex Marriage? 20 May 2015 The Telegraph, Government Departments Must Find Cuts To Secure The Economy, George Osborne 17 May 2015 BBC Radio Berkshire, Evangelical Alliance withdraws support from Baptist minister Steve Chalke’s Oasis Movement 17 May 2015 The Telegraph, Scots May Be Leaving The UK If David Cameron Keeps Ignoring Nicola Sturgeon Request For More Power 17 May 2015 BBC Radio Kent, Is the gap between churches and popular culture getting wider apart? 17 May 2015 Voice-Online, Will The Tories Deliver on its pre-election pledges to the Black Community? 16 May 2015 People's Panel poll, Sunday People readers ­defends the institution of ­marriage. 14 May 2015 Premier Christian Radio, Movies with unexpected biblical themes 13 May 2015 Premier Christian Radio, What does the Bible say about the heart? 12 May 2015 Premier Christian Radio, Divine Appointments with special guest Madeleine Kerzner associate pastor of Kingdom Worship Movement. 11 May 2015 Premier Christian Radio, What makes a good leader? 06 May 2015 BBC NEWS, Election 2015: Who Are The People Who Will Not Vote? 06 May 2015 The Independent, Baby Girl Removed From Surrogate Homophobic Mother and Given To Gay Couple 06 May 2015 BBC News, Head Teachers Are Being Helped In An Attempt to Protect Students Radicalisation 06 May 2015 The Times Crime, Obsessed and Infatuated Woman Helped Friend Commit Suicide In An Act of Misguided Loyalty 06 May 2015 BBC News, Should Sex Trade Become Illegal In The UK? 06 May 2015 The Times, Child Sex Offenders Defended by Alan Billings, South Yorkshire' s Police and Crime Commissioner 05 May 2015 Ib Times, Election 2015: Which LGBT- Focused Election Manifestos Scored The Best? 05 May 2015 Pink News, 'Your Party is Riddled With Homophobic Bigotry' Owen Jones Scrutinised Democratic Unionist Party and Its Policies 05 May 2015 The Telegraph, Pensioner Murdered By His Church Member 05 May 2015 The Guardian, There Are More Issues to Consider Than Democracy Narrow Political Agenda 05 May 2015 Coleraine Times, Churches Held Election Hustings Debate in Coleraine Ahead of the Election 02 May 2015 Belfast Telegraph, Petitions on Issues Relating to Abortion Under-Valued On Voting Week