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31 January 2012

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The Editor
The Independent

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Dear Editor,

I am a Christian. I am a teacher. I would welcome any balanced article seeking to explore the interplay of faith in the educational process, but sadly, Joel Budd’s article (‘The Lord is my Headmaster’, Education, ** Month) fails to contribute to the debate.

Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society, is quoted as saying that a faith-based education is, “verging on intellectual abuse”. If there is any intellectual abuse it is this article. Not only is it an affront to Christians, it is a slur on the integrity and judgement of every Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim or Sikh parent seeking to raise children in their faith.

I would like to feel that all parents could trust our nation’s schools. But right now, many parents fear that their most deeply held beliefs will be made fun of, and their children will be subjected to a curriculum void of spirituality or mention of God.

This article is, perhaps, symptomatic of why such distrust exists.

Rupert Kaye
Chief Executive
Association of Christian Teachers

ACT, 94a

London Road ,
St Albans,
Hertfordshire ,

Email: act@christian-teachers.org
Website: www.christian-teachers.org