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31 January 2012

Example letter to the editor 2


The Editor
Daily Telegraph
London, E14

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Mr Abrahams (letter, ** Month) is quite right when he says Christians who practice their faith in Saudi Arabia run the risk of being beaten. Last year, Release International, a charity that supports persecuted Christians, knew of at least three expatriate workers from Jeddah who each received 80 lashes before being deported – even though they were neither charged nor appeared before a court of any kind.

On May 20, two Filippino Christians in Abqaiq, 350km north-east of Riyadh, were sentenced to 150 lashes for possessing a Bible and a few Christian CDs. The sentence was commuted to a month in jail, a fine equivalent to £630 (a great deal of money for a poorly-paid worker) and deportation.

But the expats have it easy compared with Saudi nationals who, of their own free will, convert to Christianity. Those who confess faith in Jesus routinely face the death penalty if discovered. And this in a nation that has signed up to the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Many voices are rightly raised in Britain pleading for religious toleration. Why do we hear nothing from their counterparts in Riyadh? Or is it that their voices are stifled?

Eddie Lyle
Release International