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Issues on which we comment  

  • Apologetics: religious doctrine
  • Asian churches: supporting, equipping South Asian Christians, representing their concerns to Government, media and the wider Church
  • Bible-in-society:
  • Charities: advancement of religion for public benefit as a charity objective
  • Confidence in the Gospel: helping those lacking confidence to share the gospel
  • Contemporary culture:
  • Crisis of identity: carving out an identity for Christians in their 20s, 30s from all walks of life
  • Economy: Finance, wealth, tax and the general economy
  • Education: religious education, sex & relationships education in schools
  • Elections: Christians positions on what political parties are offering
  • Gambling:
  • International: Religious freedom, persecution of Christians & humanitarian issues
  • Life issues: protection of life both at the beginning and end
  • Marriage & family: child welfare, marriage reform, economic policy impact on family life
  • Modern slavery: trafficking, modern day slavery, laws relating to these in the UK
  • Multi-cultural and church-based mission:
  • Politics: Christian positions on political issues and practices
  • Religious Freedom (UK): religion in public life, freedom to believe & practice religion free from fear, persecution or interference in society or the workplace
  • Secularism:
  • Society: Welfare, poverty, personal finances, social wellbeing