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Spokespersons & their topics  


Steve Clifford

Steve Clifford, general director

Steve has been general director of the Evangelical Alliance since April 2009. He is chair of HOPE Together and has previously been international chair of March for Jesus and chair of the leadership team for Soul Survivor. Steve continues to give advice and support to churches and has worked in a variety of church roles, including many among the Pioneer network of churches. Currently, he is a member of the leadership team at his local church.

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Topics: Evangelical Alliance policy, Leadership, Churches in the UK

Dave Landrum

Dave Landrum, director of advocacy

Dr Dave Landrum has been our director of advocacy since June 2011, when he joined the Evangelical Alliance from his previous role as parliamentary officer for the Bible Society. He has a first-class degree in contemporary politics and urban policy studies and a doctorate in politics and policy process in education. Well-respected in parliament, Dave's passion is to see Christianity making an impact on society by being at the centre of political, cultural and economic life.


Topics: Politics, Citizenship, Education, Faith in the public square and the workplace, Human rights, Marriage, Public leadership, Religious freedom/equality, Secularism, Social justice/poverty ... and football

Yemi Adedeji

Rev Yemi Adedeji, One People Commission

Yemi Adedeji is part of the One People Commission, a group of key national church leaders across ethnic backgrounds which celebrates diversity while promoting unity. He is associate director for HOPE, a global ambassador for Compassion UK and strategic adviser for many church leaders across UK. Yemi is also closely involved with Jesus House London, a dynamic and entrepreneurial church/social enterprise charity operating locally in north London and part of the worldwide network of Redeemed Christian Church of God.


Topics: Black ethnic minority churches, Divine miracles, Evangelism, Pentecostalism, Youth counselling

Manoj Raithatha

Manoj Raithatha, national coordinator, South Asian Forum

Manoj began his career as a teacher before turning to writing, including a Bafta award-winning children's TV series My Life as a Popat. In 2003, Manoj turned his hand to business and set up a property company. But ultimately it was the ill health of Manoj’s two year old son in 2008 which was to prove the biggest turning point in his life. Christian friends set up a prayer vigil, his son was healed and within days Manoj, a born and raised Hindu, gave his life to serve Jesus. Today, Manoj heads up the South Asian Forum (SAF), a grouping within the Evangelical Alliance set up to provide a forum for South Asian Christians in the UK to encourage, support and equip each other for mission, and to represent their concerns to government, media and the wider Church. Manoj also runs Instant Apostle publishing house.

Topics: Cross cultural mission, South Asian churches and issues, Christian perspective on business, Christian publishing

Cardiff / Caerdydd

Elfed Godding

Elfed Godding, director of coalitions and Wales

Elfed has served as the national director for Evangelical Alliance Wales since 1999. A graduate of Moorlands Christian College and the Nazarene Theological College, Elfed pastored two churches over 18 years in Bournemouth and Oswestry. As part of his current role he leads Alliance coalitions, including Gweini, the Cymru Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and Wales' New Generation Leaders. He is also a vice-president of Tearfund. Elfed has travelled extensively throughout Wales communicating the vision and mission of the Welsh Alliance.

Topics: Church life, Transformation of communities, Tearfund-related issues, General church issues


Fred Drummond

Fred Drummond, director of prayer and Scotland

Fred has been an ordained minister of the Church of Scotland for 20 years. He has led both traditional and new churches and has a postgraduate degree in missional leadership and diploma in pastoral theology. Fred is passionate about storytelling, the power of prayer, the gospel and unity for extending the Kingdom of God. He is an author and writer and has led conferences on new church in various countries. Fred seeks to give focus to the prayer support that is so vital to the work of the Alliance.


Topics: Scotland, Community transformation, Church renewal, Family, Living for Jesus in a changing world, Persecuted church, Prayer, Unity

Kieran Turner

Kieran Turner, public policy officer, Scotland

Kieran joined the Evangelical Alliance Scotland team in 2012.  Prior to this he worked for MSPs at the Scottish Parliament for three years with spells in both Edinburgh and Inverness.  Before this he spent a number of years working in youth and community work in the housing estates of his native Glasgow.  Kieran helps the Alliance connect with politicians in Holyrood and local government, connects with national and local media, and also provides support and encouragement to churches, organisations and individual Christians trying to engage with wider Scottish society.


Topics: Scotland, National & local politics, Ethics, Faith, Poverty, Religious liberty, Trafficking, Slavery, Society, Work


Peter Lynas

Peter Lynas, Director of Northern Ireland

Peter is passionate about faith in the public square and in the workplace. He leads the team at Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland. Peter worked as a barrister in Belfast for five years, before completing his M Div at Regent College in Vancouver where he serves on the Board. He is a regular commentator in the media and has taught at Westminster Theological Centre and Belfast Bible College. He is married to Rose, has two daughters, loves running and hates fish.


Topics: Northern Ireland, Abortion, Apologetics, Culture change, Hope/transformation/wellbeing, Euthanasia, Faith in the public square and the workplace, Gambling & alcohol licensing, General church issues, Law, Marriage and family, Politics, Public leadership, Relationships, Religious freedom/equality, Sexuality, Social justice/poverty

David Smyth

David Smyth, public policy officer, Northern Ireland

David Smyth is public policy officer at the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland. Prior to taking up his post in December 2011, David trained as a solicitor in Portadown and practised in Newry. He has a keen interest in current affairs, politics and recent local history. David is passionate about how biblical values can better shape society for the wellbeing of everyone and seeing the church lead in the transformation of relationships in Northern Ireland.   

Topics: Northern Ireland, Abortion, Apologetics, Community issues, Culture change, Hope/transformation/wellbeing, Human trafficking, Gambling & alcohol licensing, Politics, Reconciliation/peace-making/forgiveness, Religious freedom/equality, Sexuality