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30 November 2015

Public Leadership gatherings in 2016

Public Leadership gatherings in 2016

Our society needs better leaders. If we look at politics we see this need, if we look at business it's obvious. In local communities or at a national level, good leaders can make a huge difference.

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We want to make a difference to the world around us because everything we do is for the King and for His Kingdom. We believe that it's for God's glory that we serve and lead across society, and it is because of His goodness that we are able to reflect some of that glory across our community, workplaces and nation.

As Christians we have to take seriously our role as people made in the image of God and given responsibility over creation. It's our firm conviction that the Church should release and support leaders to serve in every part of society because we were created to create: we're given responsibility as His ambassadors on earth. This means we should step up to leadership in all parts of creation – whether this is politics, media or business, education, the arts or healthcare.

It's this conviction that motivates our Public Leadership programme. We're passionate about developing a culture of public leadership in the Church, a church that equips, encourages and supports their congregation to take up leadership outside the Church. And that's why we have two weekends, in England and Northern Ireland, coming up in early 2016 to inspire and encourage young Christians in public leadership.

In July this year we brought together a group of young public leaders for our first gathering; Josh, a 26-year-old civil servant, came to this weekend and commented: "It was helpful for me to go away as I'm thinking quite hard about what I do and should be doing – I needed the space to recharge and refocus, to be encouraged and to keep going."

Such was the success of the gathering this year we're running two more early in 2016: in Staffordshire 18-20 March, and Northern Ireland 15-17 April. These weekends are designed for Christians aged 18-35 and involved in, or passionate about, some form of leadership outside the Church.

Josh went on to say: "It was good to have so much time entirely dedicated to thinking about this – because wherever leadership is exercised we need to be encouraged to think about what that leadership is, and what its values are."

The focus of the weekends is the foundations on which we develop public leadership – based around the notion that it matters just as much who we are as what we do. As well as the teaching, including from people engaged in public leadership, the opportunity to get to know others on a similar journey is sure to be a highlight.

If you are passionate about leadership in your work or community, and you're under 35, you can apply here. 

Don't just take our word from it, this was some of the feedback from a couple of other participants:

"I loved the weekend conference. The teaching was hugely encouraging. It was good to be reminded of what it is to be called by God, to spend time praying and listening to Him, and to understand better the biblical basis for leadership. One of the best things was the people and the relationships we built." Emma, 25, Teacher

"The Public Leadership weekend was great – it was inspirational to gather with others and to see Christians with a love and a passion for business was of real value to me. I took away from it the absolute need for Christians to know you're called to that work, and by whom you're called – you have to be sure of your beliefs because it feels like you're out there on your own."Jon, 35, Entrepreneur

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