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For the first time since 1975 voters will have a say on the UK's membership of the European Union.

Regardless of the outcome of the vote, we need  a vision for Europe that goes beyond the mechanics of institutions, the newspaper headlines or the economic scales.

The vote on 23 June is a straight decision to either leave the EU or to remain. Whichever side attracts more votes will win, although it will require a further set of negotiations and parliamentary approval for the outcome to take effect.

The Alliance takes no position on whether the UK should leave or remain. Our position is only that Christians should engage fully in the debate and vote in the referendum - because the voice of evangelicals matters.

Ahead of the referendum we will be looking at four themes that will hopefully help Christians think about some of the underlying issues relating to EU membership. These are designed to provoke thought and prayer, and help you consider how you might vote. We have in depth articles on identity, freedom, democracy and economy, along with other resources and information.

Take a look at our May/June idea magazine focusing on Europe and the referendum, and watch our special live chat on facebook talking through the issues and resources.

You might find it helpful to have these conversations with your small group or with friends. We aren't expecting churches to take a position on the referendum, but we do hope that they can find a space to encourage political engagement at this key moment.