Can you remember a year of greater political turmoil within our country? Was there ever a time when unity seemed so urgent – yet so far off? Do you look around and think, now more than ever, we need to stand for bravery, kindness, courage and love?

Evangelical Alliance members like you are so often the people making a real difference in our communities, sharing the love and message of Jesus. In fact, we really could not ask for more committed supporters, and for this I want to express my heartfelt thanks.

Today, as we embark on a new decade together, I want to ask if, at all possible, you could go even further and give us extra support in these extraordinary times.

When I took over at the helm of the Evangelical Alliance I said that I wanted us to be even braver and kinder as Christians, to shine like stars so that we can help make Jesus known across the UK. Could I ask you to pray for us and financially support us in this task?

Why is your support so important right now? The fact is, we are living in uncertain and troubling times. You only have to glance at the morning’s newspapers to know that. There’s a secular tsunami taking place in our culture and we are facing overwhelming pressure to conform.

Amid these choppy waters, we need to stand firm on God’s word. We must be distinct by our faith, and we must help churches withstand the storm. Being braver means taking bold, courageous decisions, and being resilient to what comes next. Being kinder means we’ll be compassionate and biblical, disagreeing well and without prejudice.

I gave an interview to Premier Christian radio in October where I talked more about the importance of being a braver, kinder and more hopeful church. If you haven’t seen it already, I’d love you to check it out on the Evangelical Alliance website: eauk​.org/​g​a​v​i​n​-​p​r​e​m​i​e​r​-​i​n​t​e​rview

How well we do this could shape the next decade for the church. Please don’t underestimate the challenge ahead: your support today is vital.

I took on the role of CEO at the beginning of October and so 2020 will be my first full year leading this amazing organisation. I’m so grateful to be sharing the journey with members like you. As well as giving to support this vital work, I hope you’ll join me in earnest prayer. I’ve included a card for you with this letter; please keep it in your Bible as a reminder to pray. Your faithful prayer support matters so much.

Thank you once again for your partnership in the gospel.

With every blessing in the new year,

Gavin Calver

P.S. We are living in troubling times – but the support of faithful members like you can help the church be braver and kinder, so that more people will know the love and message of Jesus in 2020.