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Why I'm leaving a legacy

Find out why people choose to leave a legacy

We find out why some of our generous members are leaving legacies

Charles told us of his decision to leave a legacy to the Alliance in 2012. Here, he has kindly shared why he has chosen to support the work in this significant way:

I worked for the Alliance from 1998 to 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed my time serving God there. I saw first-hand that the Alliance brings together the full range of evangelical churches and helps each end of the spectrum understand one another better. It has a high profile and speaks into the media, so that people are hearing the Christian viewpoint on important issues. And they do this with a balanced approach, getting the message across to the right people who make the decisions. The Alliance needs to continue to have this role.

I have included the Alliance in my will, therefore, because I whole-heartedly believe in the work they are doing and see the vital importance of it. It also has a tax benefit. I think this is important as I want to steward well the money God has blessed me with, so that it will have a greater effect.”

Charles Gibbs Charles Gibbs

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