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The Evangelical Alliance’s vision and mission are inspired by the John 17 mandate to demonstrate the immense love of God, who sent His Son for us. We believe we are called to unite together and speak out for Christ; to pave the way for future generations of Christians. 

By joining with us and leaving a legacy gift to the Evangelical Alliance, you can help us to fulfil this mission. All legacy gifts, whatever their size, play a vital role in our work as we seek to serve evangelical Christians across the UK and work for the future of the church.

To find out more about leaving a legacy gift to the Evangelical Alliance, please complete our short form and we will send you our legacy booklet to guide you through the process. Alternatively, if you wish to speak with someone about leaving us a legacy gift, please contact Lizzie Thomson on 0207 520 3856 or at l.​thomson@​eauk.​org.

We have been richly blessed by the generous provision of legacy gifts from our members and supporters, all of which play a fundamental role in our work. We are incredibly grateful for all those who choose to support our work by this means, and see it as a great privilege to be remembered in this way.

If you have left a legacy gift to the Evangelical Alliance or are considering doing so, may we take this opportunity to thank you – we are incredibly grateful for the important part you are playing to pave the way for future generations of Christians.

We take seriously the trust that is placed in us by those who leave a legacy gift to the Evangelical Alliance, and so we seek to plan for the future and steward well the gifts we receive. It can help us enormously to know of your plans to leave a legacy gift so that we can do both of these things.

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