Deep Impact fosters networking amongst youth workers for fellowship, encouragement and equipping one another in the Christian service

Deep Impact events are organised by the Scottish Christian Youth Work Forum (SCYWF). In 2004 SCYWF established an informal relationship with the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland to provide an advisory/ā€‹consultative service on youth related issues. In 2009 SCYWF warmly accepted the invitation to come fully under the auspices of the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland. Members agree to the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith and evangelical relationships commitment.

The main event is the annual Deep Impact conference which is for anyone involved in employed or voluntary youth work across Scotland. 

The conference was founded in 1999 by Ian Clyne, director of Highlands and Islands Youth for Christ before being taken on by the SCYWF who have been responsible for the conference since 2007.

Deep Impact also runs other social and training events throughout the year, enhancing communication amongst youth work agencies and denominations, sharing resources and supporting one another. Deep Impact seeks ways in which they can work in partnership rather than allowing unnecessary duplication or even competition in youth work.

Other members of SCYWF are Urban Saints, Scripture Union, Baptist Union of Scotland, Alpha, Church of Scotland, Evangelical Alliance, Tearfund, Youth for Christ, The Message Trust and The Scottish School of Christian Mission.