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Meet the Scotland research assistants

Find out more about Nicola and Bethany who are serving the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland

As we welcome a new team of research assistants to the Scotland team, find out more about them and what they're getting up to this year.

Who are you?

Hi. I’m Nicola Martin and I’m from Lenzie (just outside of Glasgow). I currently live and study in the beautiful city of Stirling. I have been following Jesus from a young age and am a member of Woodhill Evangelical Church, Bishopbriggs. During term time, while I’m living in Stirling, I attend Cornton Baptist Church. 

I am in my final year at university studying Politics, which has developed my interest in public policy in Scotland. I have a passion to see the church be a voice to the vulnerable and in-need in our society, particularly within parliament and the public square.

Why the Evangelical Alliance?

What drew me to the Evangelical Alliance is the emphasis that they place on two things: unity and good news.

I firmly believe that the church has so much potential to be a positive influence on our society when it works together in unity. The Evangelical Alliance’s vision to continue to see this happen in Scotland and across the UK is inspiring and I am really excited to be a part of that!

In a country that is quick to disregard Christianity and focus on the negative aspects of religion, I love that Evangelical Alliance is all about spreading good news stories. The church is doing amazing work across our nation and this needs to be celebrated!

I am excited to be equipped to speak boldly, truthfully and compassionately into a country that so desperately needs a fresh touch of Jesus.

Who are you?

Hello. I’m Bethany Macleod. I was born and raised in the bustling capital” of the Outer Hebrides, Stornoway. I became a follower of Jesus after attending a church camp when I was 11 years old. I am a member of Martin’s Memorial Church but, having just moved down to Glasgow for this internship, I am now looking for a new local church family to become part of.

I’ve recently returned from an overseas mission placement in Malawi, where I was leading a team of Tearfund volunteers. While overseas, God gave me a fresh passion for seeking the revival of the dormant Scottish church, and for making Jesus known to the people of Scotland. I hope to return to my studies after this internship, possibly to study in a theological field in order to become better equipped for any future missional work.

Why the Evangelical Alliance? 

The Evangelical Alliance is playing a key role in uniting churches in Scotland for a common purpose – to make Jesus known and exalted in our land. Whether that be through coming alongside Members of the Scottish parliament through their public policy work, or through producing and providing materials to support local churches in their outreach and discipleship. For me, this role is an excellent opportunity to combine my passion of seeing dormant churches in Scotland revived in the Holy Spirit, with my interest in being part of a generation raised to lead in a humble, faithful and Christ-like manner in the public sphere.

I feel incredibly privileged to work alongside the team here in Scotland, and I am eager to learn from their wisdom and insight. I want to see the church fulfilling its call to represent Christ here on earth, one that is unmoved even in the riptides of culture, and one that learns to do right; seeks justice. Defends the oppressed. Takes up the cause of the fatherless; pleads the case of the widow” (Isaiah 1:17). I am excited to see how the Evangelical Alliance partner with those in both the church and the public sphere to make this vision a reality.

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