Nell Goddard

Nell is a writer for LICC ( and author of 'Musings of a Clergy Child: Growing into a faith of my own' (BRF, 2017). She lives in Central London, is the proud owner of the world's cutest Chocolate Labrador, and gets far too many emails addressed to 'Neil'.

This isn't how God made it

23 February 2018As part of our Inspiring Women series, Nell encourages us to be praying for women in difficult situations all around the world – that they may find healing and freedom, and ultimately to come to know Jesus themselves.I’ll be the first to admit it, I was an annoying child. One of my favourite games was to ask questions. But not just any questions, only one: Why? It would start with a simple statement, an instruction. "Why?" I would respond. Give me reasons. Offer an explanation. Why? Why?…


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