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As part of the Alliance's 'Confidence in the Gospel' programme we are hosting a series of national consultations exploring important questions.

The first, entitled 'A faithful gospel', considered how we should understand what the gospel. Respected thinkers and practitioners, including Michael Green, Steve Holmes, Ann Holt, Daniel Strange, Mike Reeves, Rosalee Velleso Ewell and NT Wright provided thought-provoking contributions, as leaders from the evangelical spectrum explored the question, "What is the gospel?"

The second, entitled 'A relevant gospel', explored how we should contexualise the message for our 21st century Britain. A wide range of speakers including Kingsley Appigyei, Christina Baxter, Michael Moynagh and Kiera Phyo spoke on subjects such as, learning from the African Church, learning from Karl Barth, the importance of contextualising not only the gospel but the church, and reaching the missing generation (18s-30s). We would encourage you to engage with these discussions.

To enable you to do so we filmed their presentation and have created discussion questions to help small groups and leadership teams discuss this subject.

Future consultations will explore the following questions:

A public gospel (Autumn 2013)
How should the gospel shape our engagement with public life?

A courageous gospel (Spring 2014)
How do we move from a culture of fear to confidence?

A costly gospel (Autumn 2014)
How do we integrate evangelism, discipleship and missional living?