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"The Church in the West has largely forgotten the art of disciple-making and has largely reduced it to an intellectual assimilation of theological ideas. As a result, we have a rather anemic cultural Christianity highly susceptible to the lures of consumerism… In our desire to be seeker-friendly and attractional, we have largely abandoned the vigorous kind of discipleship that characterised early Christianity and every significant Jesus movement since."

Alan Hirsch, 2009

The Alliance has recognised the need to support discipleship in the UK Church. 

Our latest research report Time for discipleship? provides the most up-to-date statistics on what people think about discipleship in their churches. Access the report below, and watch our short videos from Christian leaders reflecting on the findings. 

In February 2014 we looked at discipleship in our council meeting. Watch the talks below on what discipleship is and potential solutions to the deficit.