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The Evangelical Alliance has turned 170 this year! We'd love our member churches to consider planning to hold an EA Sunday in the next 12 months to stand with us as we continue our quest to unite the UK Church. 

In August 1846, more than 800 evangelical Christians came together and sparked a movement that would spread around the world, changing the fabric of society for generations to come. They heard God's call to unite, to be 'one body in Christ'.

With 170 years under our belt, the Alliance is older than colour photography, Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, the lightbulb and the radio. We've survived two world wars and countless other conflicts. We even predate the publishing of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

Will you join us in celebrating, praising God, and in praying for the next 170 years of this crucial work?

We're grateful for every one of our member churches, who see and understand the need. You've helped make the Church's united voice heard when and where it matters. You've protected religious liberty, supported Christian public leaders, equipped the Church for evangelism, and united local churches to transform their communities.

Below are some resources that will help you run your EA Sunday. Do let us know if you'll be joining in and if you'd like any more information by emailing info@eauk.org