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A growing number of unity movements have been formed in towns and cities across the UK over the last few years. Gather is an emerging national network of these vibrant unity movements in towns and cities across the UK, served and enabled by the Evangelical Alliance.

It is inspiring to see how effectively churches are working together and Roger Sutton, the Alliance's England ambassador, has travelled around the UK to learn more about these unity movements. Thrilled to hear fantastic stories of spiritual and social transformation in local communities, he felt stirred by an idea to bring these movements together.

Together, we see a national network of unity movements being formed - a gathering of those who believe that when churches and leaders put down their differences and start to form friendships, pray together and undertake mission initiatives for the sake of their local areas, God commands the blessing.

What would happen if those leaders of unity movements formed friendships across the UK from city to city, town to town, and began to pray and do mission work together for the sake of the UK?

We want to build a movement and not an organisation, that encourages and supports unity movements to grow and develop in their prayer, friendships and missional activities.

Gather aims to:

  • Offer teaching via articles and seminars that encourage best practice and innovative ways of doing unity and mission together.
  • Encourage shared practice and the sharing of stories from across the nation as an inspiration and stimulus for other cities and towns to follow.
  • Host a website that shows where unity movements have been formed and offers links to contacts for churches wanting to join them.
  • Offer links to partnership organisations that work with churches in towns and cities in missional contexts.
  • Encourage new and innovative ways for working together for the transformation of our towns and cities through civic gospel initiatives with borough councils, business, media, health, arts as well as through the local church.

For more information, visit www.wegather.co.uk