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29 November 2011

Sources of information on Alternative medicine


Reachout Trust
24 Ormond Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6TH.
Tel/Fax: 0845 241 2158
Email: Use the Contact form on the website below
Website: www.reachouttrust.org
The aims of the trust are to examine cults, occult, new age groups in the light of the Christian gospel. The trust has information on a range of alternative therapies including Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. in the See the website for a full list of their publications.
Professional Christian Bodies

Christian Medical Fellowship
6 Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1HL
Tel: 020 7234 9660. Fax: 020 7234 9661.
Email: Use the form on the website below.
Website: www.cmf.org.uk
The Christian Medical Fellowship is a Christian organisation encouraging Christian doctors and medical students to deepen their faith and to act competently and with compassion in their medical practice. They produce a range of resources looking at all sorts of issues facing the medical profession from a Christian perspective.

Allied Health Professionals Christian Network
C/O Christian Medical Fellowship
6 Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1HL Tel: 07986 433493
Email: info@eauk.org
Website: www.ahpcn.org.uk
The Allied Health Professionals Christian Network is a charitable organisation working with the aim to support, unite, equip and encourage Christians who are working in the Allied Health Professions.

Heatlcare Christian Fellowship
26 Wenvoe Terrace Barry CF62 7ES
Tel: 01446 418271
Website: www.hcfbii.givengain.org
HCF is a group of Christian healthcare providers, together with other friends, who long to see the whole Church bringing the whole Gospel to the whole of the people of our region, and especially to those who are sick and desperate.

Christian Nurses and Midwives
6 Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1HL
Tel: 020 7234 9668
Website: www.cnm.org.uk
Christian Nurses and Midwives is a fellowship of committed Christians seeking to encourage health professionals to support one another in faith, clinical practice, ethics, and outreach. We seek to be a Christian voice into our professions and into national and international health policy. 

Web resources and books

Alternative Therapy Articles
The Christian Medical Fellowship has published a number of articles on the topic of complimentary and alternative therapies in the journals Triple Helix and Nucleus. They have also reviewed some of the standard Christian books on the topic. You can read all of the articles and the book reviews on their website. www.cmf.org.uk/publicpolicy/clinical-practice/alternative-medicine/

Complementary Therapies by A Harrison
A well researched article that features interviews with practitioners and Christian ministers.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Should Christians be Involved?
By Robina Coker
From A Christian perspective this thought provoking book explores the background to Complementary and alternative medicine, explains evaluation, examines evidence, and so provides a framework from which to make healthy choices in healthcare. Includes a look at acupuncture, Bach flower remedies, craniosacral therapy, homoeopathy, reflexology and Reiki. Published by CMF March 2008 ISBN 978096747384 Price £8.00

Basic Questions on Alternative Medicine
By Stewart and Kilner
From the Bio Basics series this a collection of short articles that look at different aspects of topic from a Christian perspective.
Published by Kregel Publications October 2002 ISBN 9780825430718 Price £3.99

A Time to heal -A Contribution Towards the Ministry of Healing
A Time to Heal is a report from the Church of England on the ministry of healing. It is a valuable resource for clergy and laity within the Church of England and its ecumenical partners, health-care professionals and those involved in training for ministry. Published by Church House Publishing, 2000. ISBN 0715138375. Available from Church House Publishing www.chbookshop.co.uk. Price: £19.99

A Time to Heal Handbook
A summary version of the longer A Time to Heal report from Church House Publishing. Published by Church House Publishing, 2000. ISBN 0715138383.
Available from Church House Publishing www.chbookshop.co.uk. Price: £3.95.

Alternative Medicine - The Christian Handbook
By Donal O'Mathuna & Walt Larimore
This book, endorsed by the Christian Medical Association of USA, is an attempt to evaluate alternative medicine, bringing together both faith and science. It is packed with valuable information and is particularly useful as a handbook for Christian carers who do not have opportunity to research these areas for themselves.
Published Zondervan, 2006. ISBN 9780310269991. Price: £14.99

Hard Questions about Health and Healing
By Andrew Fergusson
Readable yet well researched, this book is for professionals and public who want credible answers to hard questions including: What are health, healing and healthcare? What are 'gifts of healing'? Why is complementary / alternative medicine so popular? Do healing miracles happen today? Why does God allow suffering?
Published by CMF London, 2005. Price: £8.00