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08 March 2013

CAP launches new ministry for unemployed

CAP launches new ministry for unemployed

A new initiative to help people in debt find work was launched in parliament this week.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) launched its innovative CAP Job Clubs to help people gain employment, after research showed almost a third of its debt clients were out of work.

The project launched on Wednesday at Westminster before a crowd of MPs and supporters.

Its aim is to equip churches to train jobless people to become more ready for work and, through employment, tackle hardship faced by the whole household.

CAP’s founder and international director John Kirkby said: “Our evidence – and that of other debt agencies – shows a clear correlation between poverty, debt and unemployment. It’s very tough to escape this web of hardship and it can feel very isolating.

“The point is, everyone needs to feel useful. Human beings are hardwired to live for a purpose so unemployment punishes people both financially and emotionally.

“The good news is the local Church is perfectly placed to both spot those in need and offer support and practical skills which will help restore their self esteem and be better placed to achieve work.”

Job Clubs will take three strands: one-to-one coaching, an eight-week course and social time with other people in a similar situation.

The course will help people to identify their strengths; learn how to communicate them in a CV; relate to an employer effectively; look for work and interview well.

CAP’s 17 years of award-winning debt counselling, and money management courses, have been delivered via a network of churches from every denomination and CAP Job Clubs will be no different.

“Already, we’ve had a great response from churches who want to help and encourage the unemployed. Around 30 congregations have signed up to learn how to run a CAP Job Club and we’re keen to hear from more.”

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