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16 April 2012

Christian leaders looking forward to Wembley 2012

Christian leaders looking forward to Wembley 2012

Christian leaders are getting behind plans to fill Wembley stadium for a national worship event this autumn.

Thousands gathered at Elim Bible Week at the Telford International Centre last week and gave their support to the National Day of Prayer and Worship being organised by Global Day of Prayer.

Elim national leaders, pastors, worship leaders and church members all committed themselves to mobilising thousands to attend Wembley 2012 on 29 September.

Steve Clifford, general director of the Alliance, also attended the event. Commenting on the Global Day of Prayer events, he said: “I was there at West Ham. I was in the stands at Millwall. And now we’re planning for Wembley.

“We long to see God’s people in their tens of thousands, together, praying, worshipping and opening God’s word. It can only be good news for our nation. The situation in our nation is too serious, yet the opportunities are too great for us not to be anything other than united. The labels don’t matter – we are God’s family. We come together to bring a smile to heaven and see change here on earth.”

John Glass, Elim’s superintendent, said: "We're right behind the phenomenal initiative of the National Day of Prayer and Worship at Wembley later on this year. We're doing all we can to play our part in being behind those who are organising it and to encourage our people to participate in what I think will be a huge catalyst for a move of God in our nation.”
He added: "Elim is supporting this event because it's a God moment, it's a God time. To see Wembley filled with people praying from all over the country, whether they're black, brown or Hispanic, whether they're old or young, just to see all those tributaries coming to this great current and energy for prayer and intercession will be amazing."
Elim have also appointed their regional leader for the Metropolitan area of London, David Campbell, to be part of the National Day of Prayer and Worship organising body.  
The National Day of Prayer and Worship is hosted by GDOP London in collaboration with national organisations, key denominations, the local churches and regional networks.  

GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede was overwhelmed by the response at the Elim Bible Week, where he was a keynote speaker. "I'm so encouraged by the unprecedented support from the Elim movement and momentum building towards Wembley 2012, as well as many other key denominations and networks who are signing up for this historic event,” he said.

"We need every Christian in the UK to start registering and getting their churches to book coaches to come to Wembley 2012 and be part of this united day of prayer and worship to prepare the way for revival in this nation."

Register today at www.gdoplondon.com