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Join as a corporate supporter

Join as a corporate supporter

What is an Alliance Corporate Supporter?

The Alliance corporate supporter scheme has been developed in response to requests from companies owned by evangelicals asking how they can support the Alliance. It broadens the range of organisations able to identify with the Alliance's vision for unity.

Corporate supporters gain the benefits of being associated with the Alliance without the potential drawbacks of being seen as a member of a formal trade association, removing any implied endorsement or regulation of goods or services.

What organisations can become Corporate Supporters?

Corporate supporters are commercial organisations and companies owned or run by evangelical Christians. They may be companies operating specifically within the Christian arena (such as Christian bookshops) or within the broader market, for example, insurance brokers or office equipment suppliers. There is no restriction upon the industry they serve, so long as the business fits with the ethos and aims of the Alliance.

Many Christian charities and organisations also run a trading arm. Although the corporate supporters scheme is not primarily aimed at them, where appropriate they are also welcome to join the scheme.

Why become an Alliance Corporate Supporter?

There are many benefits to becoming an Alliance corporate supporter, including:

  • Your business will be associated with the Alliance's vision, mission and work
  • Your voice, united with the rest of the Alliance's constituency, will be heard in parliament and in the media
  • You will be able to use the Alliance 'Corporate Supporter' logo on all your publicity, letterheads, website, etc.
  • Your details will be included in the Corporate Supporter section of the Alliance's website. This links to businesses that support the Alliance in this way
  • Your business will have a visible link with the Evangelical Alliance (logo and weblink), its constituent membership and a wider Christian audience. This will enable supporters to profile products or services to a significant segment of their targeted market
  • You will receive three copies of each issue of idea magazine, published six times a year
  • You will be welcome to use all Alliance facilities (such as our information service) currently open to members
  • You will be eligible for discounted advertising rates on easilyfound.it

How to become an Alliance Corporate Supporter

The application procedure is straightforward and closely mirrors that for non-profit Christian organisations. Corporate supporters:

  • must be in good standing with evangelical Christians, particularly in their local area (where relevant) or their field of operation
  • should ensure that their personal and corporate integrity is beyond question in all aspects of their life and work so that the credibility of the gospel is maintained
  • must be at least 50% owned or directed by evangelical Christians who are able to annually assent to the Alliance's Basis of Faith and agree to abide by the Evangelical Relationships Commitment.
  • must be established for a minimum of two years. Applicants linked with an international organisation should have a recognised UK-based division established for this period.
  • agree to contribute financially to the Alliance annually.

Applications can be made online or by downloading the corporate supporters form. Please provide details of two relevant evangelical churches or organisations (one must be a member of the Alliance) that are willing act as referees in support of your application. All applications will be presented to the Alliance's membership committee for approval.

How much does it cost?

An important aspect of the corporate supporter scheme is that it aims to build relationships. However, like all charities, the Alliance requires funding to continue and develop its work.

We are asking our corporate supporters to contribute financially to the Alliance each year. Rather than specify a fixed fee, we feel that suggesting a minimum amount based upon turnover is the better way of developing the relationship with our supporters.

Due to the nature of this scheme, some organisations require an invoice from the Evangelical Alliance; if this is the case, VAT must be added. If an invoice is not required, VAT does not need to be added.

Suggested contributions based upon turnover are:

Business turnover

Suggested donation

Less than £50,000

£75 (£90 incl VAT)

Between £50,000 and £100,000

£100 (£120 incl VAT)

Between £100,000 and £500,000

£250 (£300 incl VAT)

Between £500,000 and £1 million

£500 (£600 incl VAT)

Between £1 million and £5 million

£850 (£1,020 incl VAT)

£5 million and over

£1,200 (£1,440 incl VAT)

Corporate supporter application form

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Business details
Main contact details
Director details
Further info

Business Details

(at least 2 years)

(if applicable)


* = Required information

If you need any clarification on the process or would like to discuss any issue related to membership, please do not hesitate to contact the membership team, on 020 7520 3838, info@eauk.org

Keeping your data secure is very important to us. By providing your personal details you agree to allow the Evangelical Alliance to contact you either on the basis of the consents you have given us or for our Legitimate Interests in accordance with current data protection regulations. We will never make your personal data available for marketing purposes to external individuals or organisations. For more information email info@eauk.org.