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23 April 2013

Abisade Adenubi, director Asorika clothing

Abisade Adenubi, director Asorika clothing

Abisade Adenubi is a Nigerian entrepreneur and director of independent clothing label Asorika, designing and creating ladies' dresses.

London-based Abisade, 29, is a lawyer and became involved in the world of fashion by coincidence. Her innate flair for fashion and business bubbled beneath the surface until a chance conversation led her to start up her unique clothing line.

How difficult has it been entering into the world of fashion?
Given my background in Law and not tailoring, I’ve had to learn essential technical skills and develop my experience on the job, as well as through formal training as I have gone along. It definitely has not been a walk in the park, but it has been an incredible journey so far.

How can we value beauty and glamour without becoming superficial?
We can achieve this balance by understanding that, as far as beauty is concerned, we have what we have! We can make the most of what God has given us, but not take it so seriously that beauty and glamour become what we worship.

What would you never be seen without?
Lip gloss.

What would you never be seen in?
Floral leggings.

How important do you think it is to have a sense of style?
I think a sense of personal style is crucial in defining how you present yourself to the world, and how the world, in turn sees and interacts with you. This ensures that a woman is not tossed around by every trend that emerges, but remains grounded in a sense of who she is as an individual, the roles she plays in her life and how these influence the sartorial choices she makes.

Would you advocate power dressing for women in leadership?
I don’t advocate prescriptive dressing. Individuals should dress in a manner that reflects their personal flair but remains within the realms of propriety in their chosen sphere of leadership. Personally, the way that I am dressed influences the way I feel.

What is your favourite outfit?
Given that I design and have most of my outfits made for me, there are obviously quite a lot of things in my closet that I love. I absolutely love dresses, and a well cut, tailored blazer always sets me up nicely.

What is your inspiration for creating Asorika?
My inspiration is simply the desire to create. A client of mine once said: "I feel like a Duchess whenever I wear this," referring to an Asorika dress This is the sentiment I strive to evoke in any lady when she is wearing one of my dresses.

In what ways do you bring your Christian faith into the world of fashion?
I don’t feel like I bring my faith into my business. I am a Christian and my faith is inextricably linked to the person I am and influences how I live my life in a holistic sense, including how I run my business.

Do you hope to inspire others through your range?
My business is at an early stage, but it would be a great privilege to be considered an inspiration to women of any race in any way at all through the work that I do. Whether it be to believe that no dream is out of reach if you take one step at a time (as I am doing) or to be challenged to be brave enough to rock an outfit confidently, irrespective of fleeting trends.

How can we maintain Christian values in a world that revolves around image?
While physical image is important, the image of our souls and spirits are more crucial I think it is important to retain a strong sense of who God has created us to be, what He has designed us to do and what is truly important in life. We should hold on to the world loosely, because after all is said done, it's all vanity and we all wind up in a box!