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11 March 2011

Press release

How to be distinctly Christian in the workplace

How to be distinctly Christian in the workplace

Navigating the minefield of new legislation in the workplace can be testing for the best of us. Try adding a biblical perspective and you're bound to feel that one step wrong could land you in breach of the law.

Help is at hand in the form of Distinctives, a manual - first published in 2002 -  that instructs leaders of churches and Christian organisations on how best to apply those practices in the workplace. The manual has recently been revised to help you work through the spectrum of practical issues in managing staff and volunteers from a biblical point of view.

The pack assumes little knowledge of personnel management as each section includes an introduction to a specific issue, highlighting the distinctly Christian aspects to this subject before offering a list of practical examples and key contacts.

More explicitly, the revised edition includes a new section on how best to apply the rules of the Equality Act of 2010. The Evangelical Alliance was significantly involved in engaging with the Government on this piece of legislation to ensure that its spirit and intentions gave fair and reasonable consideration to the needs of churches and Christian organisations.

Dr Don Horrocks, Head of Public Affairs at the Alliance, said: "Given the impact of legislative changes in the Equality Act, we have fought hard to retain the rights of Christian organisations so that they can continue to employ Christians in key roles. As such, I strongly recommend Distinctives to all Christian organisations who regard the informed management of people as a priority."

The book is the brainchild of Christian Distinctives Trust, a group that is made up of a number of charitable organisations comprising the Evangelical Alliance, YMCA, Mission Care, Prospects and Agape. These groups form part of a wider community of people who want to encourage churches and other Christian organisations to excel in professional excellence while remaining distinctly Christian in nature and outlook.

Paul Cheesman, of Christian Distinctives, points out that changing times and new laws make it all the more imperative for churches and other Christian groups to better review and update the way in which they manage people.

Mr Cheesman says: "Distinctives has already proved invaluable to many such churches and organisations as it raises the bar on what staff in Christian organisations can expect regarding their own care and development." 

Distinctives costs £15 a copy and can be downloaded in PDF format by logging onto www.christiandistinctives.org

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