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06 May 2010

Press release

Open letter to party leaders

Open letter to party leaders

In the midst of manifesto launches and leaders' debates Christians have shown that their priorities stretch across the political spectrum. Election campaigns should be about what the voters want to say, not just what the politicians talk about, so My Manifesto asked 'what is your priority for the next Government?'

Through Facebook and Twitter Christians declared the policy priorities that a new Government should focus on. Suggestions covered just about every conceivable policy area, from the economy to health and from geography field trips to space travel. However, a few key ideas stood out. Here are the top three, very different, ideas that cropped up time and time again:

  • Encourage the importance of marriage as the best environment to bring up children
  • A change to the voting system so that it is more representative of the votes cast
  • For politicians to act with honesty and integrity

Other suggestions that make up the top ten ideas include:

  • Foster social entrepreneurship in inner city areas that have suffered from long term deprivation
  • Fully worked out plans for supplying water and sanitation to those currently without in developing countries
  • An immigration policy that ensures we provide proper sanctuary for those fleeing persecution in their own country
  • Cap the interest rate that can be charged on loans and credit cards
  • Reform the House of Lords
  • Work to set up an international tax on financial transactions
  • Take hard choices to tackle the national debt

This is just a sample of the many ideas that were submitted to the Facebook group and via Twitter, and show that Christians are passionately committed to all areas of society. Which ever party or parties form the next Government we call on them to listen to these suggestions and engage with the Church. Across the country churches are an integral part of local communities and work for the good of all society. We ask that you work with the church as a key partner as you begin to govern.

Evangelical Alliance & CARE

Christians should not only vote in the forthcoming election but seek to change the political system from the inside. The Christians in Politics 'Join The Party' initiative was launched with video clips from the Prime Minister and the leaders of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. Instead of simply shouting from the sidelines Christians are encouraged to become part of the political process.

Steve Clifford, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance, says 'I cannot think of a moment in our history when it was more important for Christians to be asking themselves - and more critically God - whether they are called to play a part in politics."

More resources for hustings, introductions to the political parties and their policies as well as the latest news are available on the Alliance's General Election website.

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