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Prayer for parliament

Prayer for parliament

There is an active community of Christians in parliament who regularly meet for prayer, worship and Bible study. They’re drawn from both houses of parliament, from the offices of MPs, and from a wide variety of departments.

Praying for our politicians and leaders is an important way we can support them in the work that they do. This applies to your local councillors and MPs, and those in government and opposition, whether or not we agree with all of their policies. Here are a few pointers to direct your prayers:

Prime Minister and the government

  • For the responsibilities of office and the difficulties of decision-making
  • For the government’s legislative programme
  • For the wise use of money and resources
  • Pray for the opposition parties in the task of constructively holding the government to account

Members of Parliament

  • For their faith
  • For their family and the pressures of being away from home
  • For their workload, both in parliament and their constituency

For those who support the work of Parliament and Government

  • For research staff, secretaries, office and diary managers in parliament
  • Staff of the houses of parliament, caterers, Sergeant-at-arms, Office of Black Rod
  • For the police forces and security who serve parliament
  • For civil servants, those who handle the development of policy and its implementation, for lawyers and auditors, for those in internal administration
  • For charities, organisations and campaign groups who work on political issues.

Policy issues


  • Peace and security abroad
  • Relief of poverty, and the encouragement of development, education and healthcare in the developing world
  • For constructive relationships between nations and their representatives, for grace, wisdom and discernment in their dealings with each other


  • Pray for parliament and government responsibilities towards those in education, health, police, the armed forces, social and welfare services
  • Pray for local government
  • Pray for an end to terrorism, its threat and its causes