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05 October 2012

The Weekly WHIP 4 October 2012

The Weekly WHIP 4 October 2012

Labour Party Conference

Ed Miliband learnt that great things happen when you give a conference speech without notes. It worked for David Cameron in 2007 when he was under pressure and this week the Labour Party leader looked in command as he strode the stage.

The audacious activity didn't stop at the no-notes, no-teleprompter approach as Ed Miliband also sought to park his tank on the Tory turf by declaring that Labour were now the one nation party. He also may soon become known as Ed 30-laughs-Miliband.

West Coast Main Line

The government were victims of a self-inflicted £40 million train crash (£) after the Department for Transport admitted the bidding process for the West Coast Main Line was flawed and the contract with First Group to take over the service from Virgin might not go ahead. The government were forced to investigate after Richard Branson's company began legal proceedings.

Blame was cast on the civil servants and scrutiny increased on other high profile transport schemes, from high speed railways to estuary airports, with fears they may also not be on solid ground.

President Romney?

Romney was crowned victor of the first presidential election debate, an important scalp to revitalise his flagging election campaign. He went on the offensive and like Ed Miliband surpassed expectations while Obama's performance was described as inept. The president will hope the old adage that debates don't win elections is true and whether anything new about the candidates will emerge remains to be seen.

The challenger will need more than one good night to resurrect his floundering campaign, which even Republican commentators were slating. The latest polls paint a challenging picture for Romney and the complex maths of the electoral college make life even harder for him.

National Poetry Day

Yesterday was National Poetry Day and Twitter was ablaze with budding lyricists venting their verse. Never to be left out of a good party Piccadilly Circus played host to lines of poetry across its neon screens.

And finally…

We all know that the British like to queue, but in America paying to jump the line is the new hip thing to do. No more back ache at the bank, or wasting your day at the theme park. Flash your cash and you'll be there in a dash.

   Photo credit: Ed Miliband for Leader via Creative Commons