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The Light Project

Our vision is BIG – we want millions of people to experience Jesus in a real way in our generation and the next. The way we do that is threefold: 1 – We want to multiply the number of churches and people who will be willing and able to take this good news to others. We do this through training courses, taster events, working with individuals, churches and denominations to develop a network of missional people. 2 – We want to sharpen how we do evangelism. We conduct research and are constantly trialling new ideas and well as exploring and adapting old techniques so we can reach people effectively in ways that make sense.The Light Project is a melting pot of creative people and new ideas. 3 – We want to make sure that we single out those places where people will be least likely to experience Jesus. While that may sounds self-evident, it is not always the case. Some of those places are not the most appealing.

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Training in evangelism
Training in evangelism

The Light College exists to train evangelists and pioneers to go and make countless disciples of Jesus

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