Breaking Limits | Bart Gee

This video can be used as an encouragement to anyone who has a disability or is facing a difficult situation and would be a good resource for a house group.

Born with Arthrogryposis, doctors said Bart would never walk and would have a bleak outlook. However God, who knows no impossibility, intervened. This interview talks about how God has performed a miracle in Bart’s life, showing how doctors put limits on what he would be able to do. But with God intervening, Bart’s situation has been turned around into one full of possibilities. Although Bart needs a bit of extra help with certain tasks, he is relatively independent, and can drive and speak regularly in churches and schools around the country. This video can be used as an encouragement to anyone who has a disability or is facing a difficult situation and would be a good resource for a house group. If you would like Bart to visit your church, school or organisation please visit the Breaking Limits website. 
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