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Easter Resources | Scripture Union

A range of resources to help you make Jesus known this Easter.

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Aimed at people who are close to making a commitment to follow Jesus

Scripture Union have a great range of resources perfect for helping you make Jesus known this Easter. Here are some highlights:Sharing the Easter Story with Guardians of Ancora — This updated e-book is filled with ideas on how you can use Guardians of Ancora to bring the excitement of the Easter story to children and families.Easter Bible Comic — a good give-away for 5 – 7 year olds full of fun facts, quizzes and puzzles to help them discover what the Easter story is all about.Dead or alive’ video — an animated retelling of Jesus’ resurrection for 5 – 11 year olds.Guardians of Ancora: Easter Bible Comic — this comic combines high-quality artwork with augmented reality content to tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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