iTruth App

Cutting edge App with short films exploring what it means to discover Jesus / follow Jesus / share Jesus.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people who are further along in their faith journey

The iTruth App can be used individually or one-on-one. The App takes users on 3 stages through state of the art short films. Starting with Discover Jesus’ the user can find out more about who Jesus is and what he wants for and from each of us. The second stage is Follow Jesus’ — looking at issues we face as Christians today, such as our image and how to pray. Thirdly the user is encouraged to Share Jesus’ with their friends and are equipped with some useful outreach tools. The iTruth App can be used as part of a small group discipleship — the members can watch the films at home in their own time and then come together to discuss them in more depth. The iTruth app was awarded Silver in the Best initiative for Youth and Contemporary Media’ by the Christian Funders Forum