JAD 3:20 - Jesus At The Door

Jesus At the door (JAD 3:20) is a cutting edge approach to evangelism that equips, empowers and enables believers to share the gospel with anyone.

Jesus at the Door (JAD 3:20) want to help people see that evangelism can be like walking through an apple orchard looking for ripe fruit. The Holy Spirit showed Scott McNamara a picture of an apple tree and told him to imagine the people around him like apples on a tree. Scott heard the Holy Spirit say that when he shares, the Holy Spirit will shake. As we read in John 6:44, no-one can come to Jesus unless the Father draws them. JAD 3:20 want to help people catch those apples that are ready to fall. Some apples will fall, some will move a little, and some won’t move at all. They hope that this will free Christians from any pressure to perform. So relax, and just be you! Inspired by the Holy Spirit, JAD 3:20 have forged a way in which all Christians can share the Gospel with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. More importantly, JAD 3:20 want to see Christians offer a stranger the invitation to begin a personal relationship with Jesus, within minutes of meeting them. All in a remarkably relaxed way. We simply share and He shakes.