A website full of blog posts and videos designed to help people find hope in Christ during the difficult time of Covid-19

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Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

Across the country people are facing difficult and uncertain times, many are suffering and thousands have lost loved ones. While lives have been drastically changed in the short-term, there is likely to be a much longer-term impact too.

Look​forhope​.org is a new website set up to help people connect with the Christian faith and find hope during this difficult time. Visitors to the website have access to an array of thought-provoking articles and videos about life in lockdown. 

Written by a mix of Christian ministers and lay people from different backgrounds, the blogs reflect on the experience of contending with the challenges presented by coronavirus, and offer a message of hope despite the pandemic. 

As well as blogs and videos, the website has a contact function so that people looking for support can be put in touch with their local church community.

Why not share the blogs and videos with friends and invite them to talk about them? 

You can follow Look​forhope​.org on social media: @lookforhope19.