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Mission Academy Local

8 sessions run by Missional Generation that seek to equip young people within their local context for lifelong missional living.

Mission Academy Local (MA Local) helps young people develop a rhythm of missional living, equipping them with the knowledge that: 
  • God formed them (made in his identity)
  • Jesus accepted them (adoption into his family)
  • The Holy Spirit appoints them (sent to have an influence)
Too many young people don’t know or believe these truths. This means that, when encouraged to share their faith and invite people to know Jesus, it is something they fear or shy away from. Missional Generation hope that by addressing their identity in Jesus, adoption through the cross and the image they have of God, we will see a generation living out the Great Commission and developing missional-shaped lives. They believe a generation will seek to present the gospel as they grow in influence in all arenas of life as the Holy Spirit enables them. They believe MA Local cultivates the right environment for young people to grow closer to God, becoming confident in their understanding of scripture and sharing their faith through the mission endeavours they are encouraged to run.