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Parentalk - The Primary Years

Parentalk – The Primary Years is a ready-to-run course for all parents of children aged up to the early teenage years.

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Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

Parentalk – The Primary Years is a ready-to-run course for all parents of children aged up to the early teenage years. In six sessions, Parentalk – The Primary Years looks at the topics that affect just about every family, including the busyness of family life, understanding children’s Love Languages’, speaking and listening, how best to set boundaries, preparing children for the outside world and the importance of family time. Presented by Rob Parsons, OBE and Katharine Hill, and with guest contributions from broadcaster Diane Louise Jordan, Mark Chester from Who Let the Dads Out?, author Sarah Abell, and Paediatrician Dr. Kunle Ayonrinde. The DVD features presenter introduction and conclusions, family interviews, street vox-pops, humorous short dramas, real-life parenting case studies and presenter discussions. The course comes with a Group Leader’s Guide and ten copies of the Parent Notes which gives people everything they will need to run a complete course.
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